Fun Stuff

Below is a link to a demo for a Savage Soul® MMORPG project, circa 2007. It is crude and goofy–but it offers a good feel for what it would be like to wake up in a Cold Stasis sleeper pod. Enjoy.

The Jitterbug Saga (Character Backstory)

Savage Soul MMORPG Demo

Cold Stasis Ad (circa 2045)

Savage Soul World History Supplement (Specific Events)


The following amazing play-testers contributed significantly to the development and evolution of The Savage Soul. I am very grateful to each of them.

Scott Chatley; Barry Ruffner; Gorden Lepp; Gus MacNeal; Brian Comer; Jeff Marderosian; John Knotts; Mark Rosenthal; Jeff Franz; Jason Keshishian; Bruce Dain; Cory Benefield; Daniel Hidalgo; Philip Jones; Randall Holmes; Roy Army; Troy Gatchell; Chris Willis; Rick Seager; Teddy Baker; and Michael Schwartz

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