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  • GM Advice: Adventurers are NOT Tourists
    As with all “GM Advice” posts, feel free to take this with a grain of salt. One of the first things any student of literature or creative writing learns is that an interesting story necessarily involves conflict (man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. himself, etc.) This is just as true (if not more […]
  • Final Week of Edits
    We are now in the final week of editing for the 2022 Edition of The Savage Soul. It’s going to be great.
“The Caravan” by Mikael Noguchi

The Game

One hundred and fifty years after a mysterious virus and nuclear destruction ravaged the Earth, a new world has risen from the ashes.  It is a world of men and monsters, of science and magic, of incredible wonders and sudden, violent death.  Welcome to the world of The Savage Soul™.

Prepare to experience a role-playing game like no other.  Set in a rich world that incorporates virtually every genre (fantasy, science fiction, horror, espionage, etc.), The Savage Soul™ provides limitless possibilities for adventure.  Moreover, with a tactical and deadly combat system inspired by action movies and tabletop wargames, The Savage Soul™ will keep each player on the edge of his or her seat.

Play-tested for more than forty years, The Savage Soul™ rules cover almost every imaginable situation, including initiating encounters, combat actions and reactions, firearms, explosives, magic, crafting, animal training, persuasion, haggling, vehicle combat, and the effects of injury, fatigue, encumbrance, disease, and much more.

In The Savage Soul™, players can face thugs, zombies, monsters, robots, demons, magical constructs, and seductive beauties, all in the course of a single adventure, limited only by the imagination and desires of the Game Master.  The Savage Soul™ is an addictive experience that sets a new standard for modern RPGs.

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