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The Savage Soul® character generator (“Soulgen”) and Generic Shop Generator have been designed using Google Sheets–so everyone can use them!  Just make a copy (File–>Make a copy) of the whichever generator you want, name it whatever you like, and save it to your own drive.  Follow the same process for each new character or shop you create.

Character Generator (Soulgen)     Soulgen Video Tutorial

Savage Encounters

Generic Shop Generator (Beta)    Generic Shop Video Tutorial 

How to Play “The Savage Soul” (Video Tutorials)

Soul Tables 2023 v1.01

Wound Table (Easy Cross-Reference)

Action/Reaction Quick Reference

NPC vs. NPC Quick Kill System

“The Nun” by Terence Higuchi

Release Notes:

Soulgen GS 2023 1.01 is consistent with the newly released 2023 Edition of The Savage Soul®

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