Errata vs. Soulgen

The Savage Soul® Character Generator (Soulgen) is updated much more frequently than this Errata and may include minor revisions (such as Peculiarity costs, weapon stats, etc.) that are not reflected in the Errata. As a result, where there is a conflict between the Soulgen and the rules (or the Errata) it is best to rely upon the Soulgen.

2023 Edition Errata

Note: With the release of the 2023 Edition, errata is no longer be provided for the 2021 and 2021A Editions. The 2023 Edition is available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

6.6.4. Lockstep

Replace all references to “Double-Time or Sprint Action” with “Double-Time, Sprint, Leap, Running Leap, or Ram Action.”

8B.2.5. Power Strike

Replace the entire section with the following:

A character that is able to wield his melee weapon with two hands (i.e., he has a melee weapon in one hand and has nothing in his other hand) may use the weapon to perform a Power Strike, winding up before the attack and delivering the blow with as much force as possible. The attack is performed at a -2 Attack penalty (which also applies to Quickness).  If successful, increase the DC of the attack by +1.  Additionally, any successful Block of a Power Strike, with an SM of less than 5, will result in the blocking weapon/object suffering damage at a Random SM (Section 4.3).

9.10.6. Recovery from Illness

Change “at the same DF that is required to resist suffering damage from the illness” to “at a DF equal to 10 plus the disease level.”

APPENDIX A2: AM: Genteel

Change “+1 Leadership; +1 Performance” to “+1 Leadership; +1 Performance; -1 Body”.


Ignore the second (duplicate) section entitled “Invulnerable to Blunt”.

APPENDIX A7: PW: Onboard Equipment

At all levels, change the “Type” from “T” to “M”.

APPENDIX A7: PW: Ramming Aid

Add the following to the description:

Ramming Aid is ineffective if the character is moving at non-combat speed (i.e., faster than the character could move when performing a Ram Action).

APPENDIX A7: PW: Stretching

Add the following to the description:

If the range to a target is greater than half the character’s maximum “Strike/Wrestling Range,” apply a -2 Attack penalty to the Strike or Grab attempt. For example: A character with PW: Stretching (3) could attempt a Strike or Grab attack at a range of up to 8 meters without suffering a range-based Attack penalty. If he were to attempt to Strike or Grab a target at a range of between 9 and 16 meters, however, he would suffer a range-based Attack penalty of -2.

APPENDIX A8: SK: Acrobat

For “ACROBATIC STRIKE,” disregard the description and use the following:

ACROBATIC STRIKE: The character may attempt an “Acrobatic Strike” (with any Melee weapon) by performing an Athletics attempt. If the Attempt Total is 7 or less (or an Automatic Failure), the attack automatically fails, and the character suffers a Knockdown (Section If the Attempt Total is less than 12, the attack automatically fails. If the Attempt Total is 12 or higher (but less than 15), perform the melee attack as normal and increase the DC by +1. If the Attempt Total is 15 or higher, perform the melee attack as normal and increase the DC by +2. [Note: This error has been corrected in books printed after November 1, 2022.]

APPENDIX A8: SK: Lockpick

For “Lockpick Level 5,” disregard the description and use the following: “The character can automatically pick Flawless Quality locks and receives a +2 Craft bonus when attempting to pick Legendary Quality locks.”

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