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History of The Savage Soul®

In 1981, I developed a unique combat system called “Gladiator Combat,” which quickly evolved into a role-playing game called “Vampires.”  Before the end of that year, “Vampires” had grown into a full-blown fantasy role-playing system I renamed “The Savage Soul.”  In the ensuing years, this system was extensively play-tested and underwent countless changes and revisions.  Nonetheless, from the time of its creation until 1999, The Savage Soul remained a traditional fantasy RPG.

In 1999, with so many different stories waiting to be told, I realized the inherent limitations of a pure fantasy game.  Rather than simply designing a generic role-playing system, however, I sought to create a setting that would contain all the elements of fantasy, modern, and science fiction role-playing.  The result was “The Savage Soul: Scorched Earth,” a game in which gene-altering agents and nuclear devastation had transformed the high-tech world of the Twenty-First Century into a magical wasteland of unusual races, powerful sorcerers, and dazzling technological artifacts.  This revised vision touched off a new period of play-testing that has continued to present day.  My goal throughout has been to craft a unique and versatile system that strikes a perfect balance between realism and fun.

The 2023 Edition of The Savage Soul is the culmination of a life’s work.  It is a system that can admirably support any story or genre, including fantasy, science fiction, espionage, survival horror, and super-heroic adventure.  Moreover, The Savage Soul presents a rich setting of infinite possibilities, in which any such story might reasonably take place.

Welcome to the world of The Savage Soul.  I hope you enjoy it.

Kevin “Bogo” Bogucki

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