2022 Sneak Peek: “It Just Won’t Die!!!”

With the imminent release of the 2022 Edition of The Savage Soul®, I thought I would provide a sneak peek of one of the brand-new Peculiarities . . . “It Just Won’t Die!” This Peculiarity is specifically meant for challenging “boss” battles and to simulate enraged superbeings and monsters that become tougher the more they are injured.

IT JUST WON’T DIE!!! As the character’s IC worsens, his DR increases, as follows: +0 DR at Uninjured or Barely Injured; +1 DR at Injured; +2 DR at Seriously Injured; and +3 DR at Critically Injured.  This DR bonuses does not take effect until any wound that changes the character’s IC is completely resolved.  Thus, if a single attack increases a character’s IC from Uninjured to Critically Injured, the character will not apply any “It Just Won’t Die!!!” bonus against this attack.   If the character’s IC becomes Dead or Destroyed, the bonus is +0.  Additionally, as the character’s IC improves the character’s DR bonus will decrease accordingly.  Visible Indicator: As the character’s IC increases, his skin may appear to become harder, he may begin pulsing with energy, his body may swell with rage, etc.

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